Has Brexit Divided Britain?

Leave was a protest vote. It was a cry of rage against the whole political class.

Fierce Writing

Well Brexit is fun isn’t it? It’s like this insane soap-opera suddenly turned nightmarishly real, as if Dirty Den and J.R. Ewing had moved in next door and were even now conspiring to rob us of our wealth, our dignity and our self-esteem.

One of the peculiar side effects of the debate is the tendency of remain voters to blame those of us who voted to leave for the current crisis.

The logic of this is the assumption that, by expressing our opinion on the ballot sheet, as we were asked to do, we were consciously voting for Theresa May to make a complete mess of it.

Well no. The mess is all hers. There were always other options available to her. She could have reached out to the other parties at a much earlier stage. She could have got cross-party consensus. We could have entered the talks with Brussels…

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One thought on “Has Brexit Divided Britain?

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  1. Well yes it was a protest vote . But then Leave voters can’t really claim they knew what they were voting for. Vaccine shortages anyone ? It is astonishing how the protest vote is picked up by Old Etonians like Jacob Ress Mogg and Boris Johnson


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