Turn and Face the Strange…

Not only is change inevitable, but also, every so often, the accumulation of small changes leads to big changes that will literally change the world

Fierce Writing

I’ve been having a weird time of it lately. First of all my good friend Julian Spurrier died. That was on New Year’s Eve, so it kind of set the tone for the coming year. I don’t think I quite processed it at the time. It’s only recently that the implications have started to filter into my confused little brain.

After that, in June, I retired. That was a good thing, of course, but still very disruptive. So I don’t have to get up for work any more, but that also means that my routine has been broken. I keep having anxiety dreams where I’m supposed to be in work. It’s obviously taking time for me to process this one too.

After that – and barely two weeks after my retirement – my Dad died. I don’t need to go into detail on how devastating that has been…

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