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The Wicker Man

There’s an iconic film which I would recommend to anyone interested in the subject of paganism. I’m sure many of you will already have seen it. It’s called The Wicker Man. It stars Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward and Britt Ekland. It was written by Anthony Shaffer and directed by Robin Hardy and released in 1973, to no great acclaim.

Ostensibly it is a horror movie, and there are some genuinely scary bits in it: but it is much more than this as well.

wickI won’t go into the history of the film. Suffice it to say that it has grown in reputation over the years, to the point where you could justifiably call it a cult movie now, and that there are two versions available: the original 1973 theatrical version, and a later 95 minute version known as the Director’s Cut.

The plot…

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