Consciousness is King

a manifesto

Art is Magic. Work is Magic. Breath is Magic. Consciousness is Magic. Mind is Magic. Awareness is Magic. Time is Magic. Imagination is Magic. Application is Magic. Attention is Magic. Words are Magic. Language is Magic.

Language is the carrier of thought through signs. Magic is the carrier of imagination through symbols. Art is the carrier of emotion through effect. Language, art and magic are three aspects of the same substance. The substance is Mind.

Although we all appear to be separate beings isolated in separate bodies we are, in fact, all aspects of the same originating being which is consciousness. Consciousness is the beginning of all things. Without consciousness nothing can exist.

We don’t only share a world, we share a Mind-Space. Mind is like an energy field that radiates out from the core of consciousness. We can call this “the Mind-Field”.

In the beginning, before time and space, there was consciousness. In order to discover the mystery of its own being consciousness required perspective. So consciousness shattered into pieces, into time and space, becoming all that we see, hear, smell, taste and know.

Consciousness is like a mirror. It reflects what it sees. Thus it forgot what it was, thinking it was outside itself.

Although consciousness appears to be separate from itself, though a process akin to quantum entanglement, it remains one, indivisible.

The world is a sea of consciousness through which we swim. We are consciousness apprehending consciousness in consciousness.

This is why all work is art. Because all work is consciousness. At any one moment the sum total of all human activity on this planet is the unified expression of consciousness.

This is what we are doing – as art-magicians, as word-magicians, as mind-magicians, as consciousness-magicians – we are tapping into the source of consciousness, the Mind-Field (the Mine-Field) the world itself, which is consciousness.

Artists should respect artists. Poets should respect poets. Magicians should respect magicians. Workers should respect workers. We should all respect each other as aspects of each other, no matter how lowly the work appears to be because, whatever it is, it is the source of our own work, which is an expression of consciousness.

By doing this we widen the scope and presence of our work. We make our work an expression of universal consciousness. We bring our work into alignment with the world and by that make it true.


Hermes Hermes Hermes
Lord of Clouds, Ruler of the Inbetween
Who waits at the Gates of Silence
In the Garden of Unknowing.
Who Speaks to Us in Riddles
In Verses and Reverses
On Whose Word Hinges
The Fringes of the World.
You are the Secret Thief who Steals
Into the Recesses of the Unconscious
Where Half-Forgotten Thoughts
Like Ghosts in the Memory
Are Waiting to be Reborn.
You are the Brother of my Sister,
Dweller in the Darkness,
Broker of the Deals,
Revealer of Steles.
You are the Player of Cards,
Card-Sharp Trickster,
Interpreter of Symbols,
Reader of Dreams.
You are the Ruler of my Fantasies,
Imaginary Playmate,
Psychopomp, Drifter,
Ambient Alien,
Weaver Between the Worlds.
You are the Author of Creation,
Poet of the Underground,
Artist of the Immortals,
Magician of Signs.
You speak to me in Voices
You call to me in Whispers,
You are the Wind that Blows the Breath of Life
From This World to the Next.

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